About Us

We choose our business partners from local masters. Our masters reside in Şile, Hatay, Erzurum and Bayburt provinces.

We are proud to be a sustainable brand focused on creating products that are produced in small batches and require an artisan's touch to guarantee a truly special product. Instead of turning to fast production and fabrication, we serve with products that are created slowly using 100-year-old looms that require trained craftsmen.

We are happy to be a brand that contributes to the increasing sustainability and ethical transformation in fashion. Our main goal is to serve customers who seek quality and honesty when purchasing even the most basic items for home and clothing.

Blanc Sile Fabrics was founded in Istanbul in 2019 by mother and daughter Yasemin and Tuğçe.

Blanc Sile Fabrics takes its name from Şile, a small coastal village north of Istanbul. Şile fabric is hand-embroidered and has been traditionally embroidered by local women for generations. Şile fabric is certified with Protected Geographical Indicator.

In 2022, we moved our brand to Hamburg, Germany, by establishing the 0306Concept Store company, inspired by the birthday of Tuğçe's daughter, Defne, who had just joined us.

Our products are made from 100% natural, mostly raw, virgin fibers or recycled fibers, we adopt a production policy not only to extend the life of textiles, but also to preserve their spirituality

We design each product with its multifunctionality in mind, ensuring our customers get the most out of a single product.